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Monday, June 28, 2010

Two of my Three are Gone This Week...

The oldest two are off to camp this week. My oldest will be staying the night there and my middle one gets to go to day camp. The oldest is going to Kingdom Camp (only 30 minutes away) and she is so excited that this is the first year she gets to stay the night. They have to have completed 2nd grade to stay the night so it is a right of passage for the kids that go to our church and a real big deal. Then my middle one gets to go to the day camp at the same place so I do get to see my oldest every day when I drop off and pick up my middle one. It makes her being away a little easier. My middle one just turned 5 and she still likes her naps to needless to say she came home worn out but so excited.

So what do I do with all this time on my hands? Yep you guessed it, sew. The baby is still napping 2 times a day so there is plenty of time for me to do some sewing. I am going to make the girls 4th outfits to wear this weekend. I am also going to start planning our school year out, I figure that it is never to early to start planning. I will also start my list of things we will need for the year. I am getting excited.