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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Lasting Legacy: My Grandmother

I am learning a lot lately about what is important in my life and what to hang onto. The Lord continues to remind me that my husband and I are one and we are a WHOLE unit together. I am grateful for him and his love for me and our family.

With that said this is a post about my grandparents, mainly my grandmother who have taught me the most about that. My grandmother passed away last Sunday. It was a happy and sad day for us. Happy because she met Jesus face to face and what an amazing day for her that must have been. Sad for us because she lived 92 years and we will miss her.

Both of their daughters and one husband is walking with the Lord, all 5 of their grandchildren and spouses are walking with the Lord, and some of the great grandchildren are walking with the Lord. The greats that aren't are to young at this point and we are raising them in Godly environments. There is a WHOLE lot to praise Jesus about when it comes to this legacy that is being left behind.

Memommy I love you and will miss you. You are with Jesus and Gege and I praise the Lord that I know that.