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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11 Months Old and Not Much Cuter Than This

She is a cute little bug in this house. She keeps things lively as she has LOTS of energy and laughs a lot. She is my loudest baby I have ever had. The other two were super quiet babies and sometimes easy to forget about. Yeah well Addi Ruth won't let us forget she is around. We can't put her down to crawl unless we have vacuumed the floor over 3 times b/c if there is a speck of anything (even carpet hair) she will put it in her mouth. She is great fun though and makes our whole family laugh and play all the time. She loves her sisters with a passion and they love her back. She squeals anytime they are around and cries anytime they leave the room. They even like to put her in boxes and play house. Haha!

It is hard to believe her 1 year birthday is coming up. Time has gone by so fast. We are so thankful the Lord chose us to be her family. She has really been a blessing and so much fun.

New things:
Pointing at things
Trying to repeat lots of words but still won't say mama.
Cut 4 teeth and the 5th is on the way. (The other two were a year at least before they cut teeth)
Loves baths with her sisters.
Eats table food, loves peas, broccoli, avocado
Monday, November 15, 2010

Finally and a Play List

Well we are finally getting settled into our new place and it is feeling like home though I know we won't be here for a super long time. This is until we find where we really want to be and for the right price. Homeschooling was hard during the move but we still managed to do it everyday. The girls are learning lots and Anna is finally reading and by the grace of God I taught her.

Listen to my new play list. Some of my favorites.