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Friday, November 2, 2012

Homeschool This Year and Lots of Changes

So we changed our curriculum this year for our homeschool focus. I wanted to go back to a totally classical method of doing things. My Father's World met a need at the time we used it but this has been FANTASTIC! We are now going to Classical Conversations once a week and then the curriculum I am using with them is centered around what we are learning for that week. I am AMAZED!!! This is what all they will learn this year: 161 events and people in a chronological timeline 44 U.S. Presidents (hopefully 45) 24 history sentences to add depth to our timeline 120 locations and geographic features in Africa, Europe, and the Old World 24 science facts (including classifications of living things and each continent's highest mountain) 5 Latin noun endings and their singular and plural declensions English grammar facts (including 53 prepositions, 23 helping verbs, and 12 linking verbs) Multiplication tables up to 15x15, common squares and cubes, as well as basic geometry formulas and unit conversions Memorizing Exodus 20 Not to mention: Exposure to drawing techniques Music theory and tin whistle 6 great artists and related projects Introduction to orchestra and 3 classical composers 12 Science experiments, 12 science projects and... 24 oral presentations They are also going to Essentials and pre-Essentials That is where they go into grammar more indepth and Abby has been writing papers in a way I have NEVER seen before. The writing process she is learning is AMAZING!
Thursday, November 1, 2012

Does Anyone Read This Anymore

I am thinking about starting my blog again. Does anyone ever check this? Would you be interested in me redoing my blog and keeping it up to date. I will post about our homeschool day, pictures of the kids, my sewing projects, and my never ending attempts at organizing my house. Please post below if you are interested in my blog and what you would like to see me post about.