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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She is 6 Months

I can't believe she is already 6 months old. She is rolling all over the place. Sitting up assisted. She is also pushing up on her arms and on her knees but not at the same time (thankfully). She is loud, she squeals and screams with delight and it is all the time. It is funny to watch her big sisters get frustrated with her about that but I remind them that it could be she was screaming and crying all the time. She is a very happy baby and rarely fusses. If she does it is because she wants to eat or sleep. She sleeps through the night (has been since 12 weeks old) and takes 2 naps a day. She is also my first baby with lots of hair. Her favorite toy to play with is a musical sea horse that lights up and she loves the linking rings. She is such a blessing to our family and we are all so thankful the Lord has blessed us with her.