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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An "average" day...

A lot of people wonder what an "average" day for us looks like so I thought I would post our schedule here.

We get up and eat breakfast (at least the kids do I am not much for breakfast).
We will play with the baby for a little bit.
We do Bible first and pray for a people group from the region we are studying about.
Then Abby will get started on her Language Arts, Math, and Latin if she doesn't need help with it.
While Abby is working on her LA and Math I will work with Anna on reading/phonics and her Math.
Normally sometime during that time I will lay the baby down for her morning nap.
Then we all do geography, science, and reading together.
If we have a craft or something like that we will work on that together.
They both usually have a writing practice to do. Anna working on nice handwriting and Abby working on learning to write papers.

That is our day. Then it is usually lunch time and rest time. Everyone has to rest. Addi Ruth is awake by the "craft" time and we will play with her until afternoon nap time. During afternoon nap time Anna and Addi Ruth usually still nap. Abby reads and I will get things done around here or sometimes nap myself.


susanballou said...

so you think you can hook me up with curriculm? we are having a go at it this next year and I'd like to get started early! Love ya!

Paige said...

I will call you sometime this afternoon. I have a class this morning.