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Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Special Day

I love the kid in the picture above. You see she is my oldest child and the one who made me a mommy. Saturday we had a special day together. She has saved her money and wanted to go shopping. So it is rare that she doesn't have dance on a Saturday and we took the day and off we went. Shopping first to Justice where she bought a jogging suit and jean jacket. Then we went to get her fitted for pre-pointe shoes. Yep you guessed it, they didn't have any to fit her. That is OK though b/c the shank will be removed out of a pair of pointe shoes we found. Then we went to see my best friend Stephanie and her new baby Spencer. He is such a sweet little thing. Abby and I left from there and had to go pick up her sisters. What a special day it was for the both of us. She is an amazing big sister and such a huge help to them and to me.

Tomorrow is a big day for her. Three years ago tomorrow she gave her life to Jesus. We will celebrate with cupcakes at small group. I will tell you she LOVES Jesus!