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Thursday, January 20, 2011

House Cleaning: Not My Strong Suit

OK so when it comes to cleaning house I am not that great at it. I really stink to be honest. I do it because it makes my husband happy to come home to a clean house and well it is part of my responsibility during the day. I have done a pretty good job staying on top of it since we moved. Well I was gone working for a week and the house looked like a bomb went off in it. YEP! It was a mess and I was overwhelmed. When I am overwhelmed I get paralyzed. So my sweet, dear friend Mandy at Controlled Chaos came to help me. It was no small task. She knows I HATE to clean the kitchen so she cleaned the kitchen and helped me finish the living room. Now I can have people over. Thanks girl! It means bunches to me!


Shirley Pando said...

Hey Darlin'!
I loved "seeing" you on my blog.

I don't have the Bernina yet...gotta carve out time to get to the quilt store. I'll get it soon. :D

About my ruffly just happened! I'm usually a rule follower but now that I'm "older" I say, what the heck...let's just try it! I'm just lucky it worked!