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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homeschooling: How is it going?

I get asked this A LOT! An my honest answer is that we are LOVING it. I will be honest with you. I couldn't have asked for it to be better than it is. Are there days I want to give up? Yep, sure there are and sometimes I do. Are there days I just don't want to do it? Yep, there are but we push through. I have to say that 95% of the time though we are having a blast. I LOVE having the girls home with me all the time. I love that the relationship as sisters has grown so close that they cry when the other one goes to spend the night away. I love most of all that they are learning about the love of Jesus from their parents and of course God's word. The biggest big for us around here is that I am teaching my 5 year old to read. HUGE FEAR of mine. I was afraid I was going to fail her.

We have also gone on some really cool field trips. The one above was at the zoo where we went behind the scenes. They showed us some neat animals and even let us pet them.

So I am excited about the rest of the year with the girls and next year also.