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Thursday, January 6, 2011

All About Her...She is 1

I really can't believe that our baby is 1. She is such a fun little person and love bug. God knew what he was doing when he gave us her and blessed our family with her. As if I ever doubted his plan when it comes to her. She LOVES being a part of the girls schooling and plays with toys while we are reading out loud and even listens. Some more fun things about her.

She isn't real interested in walking, crawls all over the place though.
She loves to talk, squeal, and laugh.
Words she says, Abby, Dada, Mama, Thank you (more sounded), lily (our dog), bye bye, night night, and there are others.
She uses the signs for all done, more, please, eat, and thank you we are working on.
She also does her hand in front of her nose when you say "Shew wee!"
She has TONS of hair and it is hard to tame at times.
She doesn't meet a stranger.
Everyone LOVES her and loves to be around her when they meet her.
Dances all the time, if music is on she dances.
She loves her ball popper and if she is fussing we can turn that on and she will stop immediately and start dancing. That makes us all laugh.

Her sisters love her so much and spoil her rotten along with many others in her life.

Oh and she is my first child that I haven't insisted on having a sippy cup at 1. Yes she still takes a bottle. I gotta remember how to switch her over, I don't remember it being this hard.