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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Third Grade Curriculum Bought

Well the Lord is faithful to answer when we ask. I have been praying about curriculum and had thought I was going to do one section of My Father's World but really wanted to do a different one. I went to the used book sale and what do you know, they had the one I really wanted to do on sale there fully complete except the couple of things they had written in. I was so excited. We are going to be doing Exploring Countries and Cultures this year. I can't wait! I got all the cool books and we are going to get to learn about some amazing missionaries this year. Can you tell I am ready to go? We are also going to be doing Saxon Math 3rd grade and Bob Jones for grammar/writing. No spelling or Latin yet but I am pretty sure we will be using Latin for Children.

As for the little one who will be starting Kinder I am pretty sure we will be using My Father's World for her also. I have been going back and forth on a few things for her but have come to realize that I just have to make a decision. So I will use that with her. We will also do Math U See this year to start off her Math b/c I want it to be fun for her and she is my hands on girl.

I hope you enjoy following us. I will discuss the talks in my next post. I was tested to put into practice what I learned the minute I walked through the door when I got home yesterday. LOL!