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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New School Year: 4th Grade, 1st grade, and a toddler

That is what this year will be made off. We will be using My Father's World as our main curriculum this year. It is a great curriculum and we enjoyed it last year. This year for the 4th grader we are studying Creation to the Greeks, this includes Bible, History, Science, Art and Music. She will be using Math U See, Total Language Plus, and Latin for Children.

My first grader will also be using My Father's World first grade and sit in with her big sister when she wants too. She has her own set of student sheets and art cards for the Bible, History, and Art. She will have enough with the first grade but I learned last year that sometimes she likes to be included with the other activities. She will also do Math U See and a Phonics program for right brained children. She is my very creative soul.

For our busy toddler. She will have her own box of activities. When I work with one of the older girls the other girl gets to play with her sister and do these fun activities with her. When I get her box situated I will do a post specifically for that with fun pictures for you all to see.