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Thursday, July 28, 2011

She is 9

My oldest girl turned 9 in June (the one in maroon) I know I am slow to post these things but I want to post every year about my girls because it will be something we enjoy later I am sure. Cool facts

1. She loves Jesus and wants to be a missionary.
2. She loves dance.
3. She got her pointe shoes this summer. BIG DEAL! (pic below)
4. Yellow has ALWAYS been her favorite color.
5. She cares about others and has a heart for her friends.
6. This year has gotten particular about fashion and what she wears.
7. Her favorite food: black olives.
8. Can be bossy and I have to remind her that she is the kid.
9. Loves her little sisters and is a HUGE help with them.
10. Loves learning.
11. Just like her mama in many ways. ;)
12. My social bug, always wants to have someone over or go to someones house.
13. Disciplining her is hard, she is really obedient most of the time.
14. She is becoming very beautiful to others around her especially her parents.
15. Has great self confidence (one area she is different from her mama).

Here is another picture of her feet that her teacher is working with while dancing. Her teacher Ms. Jaime means so much to her and has a great impact on her love for dancing and her passion for it.

Disclamer: These pictures are from her first day en pointe. Technique and ballet technique is of HUGE importance for Ms. Jaime but I am no dance teacher. I just loved these pictures b/c they are my daughter and Ms. Jaime helping her.